Mariya George is the President & Chief Revenue Officer and Member of the Board of Directors of

Before starting, Mariya was the Head of Banking and Insurance at UST Global. She was responsible for the industry group’s overall vision, strategy and investment priorities, developing the network of alliance partners and an aggressive revenue growth goal of 70%. She was also responsible for the global P&L, sales, business development, consulting, client relationship management and technology execution.

Prior to this, Mariya was the Business Head for East and Midwest market in North America. She led the global sales organization across North America and primary markets in Asia (India, China), and built a team to lead and manage new Fortune 500 customer acquisitions and doubled her portfolio.

She developed a two-year strategic plan that migrated from a transaction-based sale to a relationship-based sale and reduced new customer acquisition time by 75%. She also designed and implemented a sales cluster model that delivered 50% top line sales growth year over year.

From 2010 to 2015, she worked with the Innovation, Services & Enterprise Solutions leadership on large-scale innovation and digital transformation efforts at UST Global. She implemented the federated innovation model and crafted the go-to-market strategy and execution plan to position the organization as the innovation partner for multiple Fortune 100 customers.

Before that she spent 10 years leading multiple consulting engagements with a focus on bridging business demand and technology solutions.

Mariya has a degree in Computer Science from Cochin University of Science & Technology, India. She is passionate about finding and building talent, especially women in technology with strong entrepreneurial skills. She is based in New York.

Mariya George

Co-Founder, President, Chief of Revenue