Our Solutions Include:

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“Jasper” Advanced Document Ingestion, Validation and Enrichment

Solving LIBOR to SOFR Transition, KYC, AML and Accounts Payable

with the ability to identify any type of document, extract entities to drive business decisions and make amendments

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“Arya” Conversational AI

Financial Wellness Advisor, Small Business Coach, Banking Assistant, Call Center Assistant

for more meaningful human interactions as your Digital Assistant versus conventional chat bots

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“Amber” Social Sensing

Customer Preferences, Sentiment Mining, Social Credit Scoring

with real-time behavioral anomaly and life event detection to gather market intelligence and insights

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“Quartz” User Experience Sensing and Scoring

Any Digitally Enabled Interaction

to significantly improve customer satisfaction and simplify customer and call center operations

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“Onyx” Bionics Business

Radically improving Customer Service, Compliance, Lending and Credit Processes through bionic automation

to accelerate decision-making and enable better financial health and behavior for customers

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“Opal” Real-Time Voice and Sentiment Analysis

Advanced Speech to Text Conversion, Speech Insight Generation, Speech Sentiment Analytics

to gain meaningful insights for high-value lead generation and fine-grained sentiment towards products and services

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“Topaz” Fraud Detection

Income Verification, Credit Fraud Detection, Credit Card Dispute

by identifying irregular behavioral patterns

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“Jade” Wellness Engine

Alert Generation, Personal Financial Wellness Coach

focused on managing life moments and providing long term strategic guidance with just in time interventions evolving with life needs of the consumer

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Cleareye.ai solutions are designed to help you serve more people in ways that best fit their needs while providing pathways for generating new revenue for your organization.